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About Me

I'm a freelancer and indie game developer living in Vancouver, Canada. I've been in the games industry for seven years now, and in that time have worked on over twenty games across a wide range of platforms. For about three years I operated a one-man studio called Overworld Labs, producing thirteen published browser games, and garnering over seventy million views in total.

For about two-and-a-half years I worked for East Side Games (a local casual games company), creating features and content for several top-grossing Facebook and mobile games. I continued to work mainly with Flash and Adobe Air technologies in my time there.

In the summer of 2015 I started a new company with an old colleague. Calling the new venture Crash Wave Games, we began development on our first title using the Unity engine.


In addition to these professional projects, I've also participated in five 48-hour game jams, which have taught me much about producing game content efficiently. Game development was also a key focus of my studies in SFU's Interactive Arts program. Beyond that I've worked on various hobby game projects since the age of twelve.